You, A Successful

Life Coach

Personal Coaching for Individuals and Groups No matter what your background or educational qualification, you can be a successful Life Coach. Whether you are a Relationship Coach, a Career Coach, a Wellness Coach, a Parenting Coach or any other, the opportunities and flexibility that a Coaching career provides are unsurpassed.
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You, A Successful

Corporate Coach

Coaching Executives, Managers, Employees Whether you are an external Coach hired by a Corporation to coach their Executives, a Manager seeking to be a mentor and coach to your team members, or an HR professional seeking to enhance your skills and add Coaching to your portfolio, our Coaching programs are for you.
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A Proven, Turnkey


Tools and strategies to launch a thriving business Designed to make your learning experience easy by providing you with a complete turn-key system that will successfully walk you step by step through the process of selling your coaching services to prospective clients, and performing the coaching session itself.
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Can You be a

Great Coach?

Do you have what it takes to be a coach? What does it take to be an effective coach? Do you have the right skills, the right aptitude and the right abilities? Can you be a great Parenting Coach or an effective Executive Coach? Should you get certified? Our 50 question, customized assessment determines if you were born to be a great coach.
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High Quality

Symbiosis Coaching Life Coach certification programs are accredited by both the International Coach Federation and the Certified Coaches Alliance. What that means is that the programs are truly global in nature and that you are always assured of the highest quality course content, highly qualified instructors and world class support.

Our exclusive "Success Conversion Coaching" model is built upon the eleven (11) Core Coaching Competencies and Ethical Standards which are recognized by most world-wide coaching associations. Our Certified Life Coach Training is considered our "core training" and carries the illustrious hallmark of approval through the International Coach Federation (ICF) as Approved Coach Specific Training Hours. This means that you can trust the content and quality of our program. Bottom line, our graduates have the immediate recognition of a highly skilled professional. Our coaches are changing the world, one conversation at a time.

Coaches fail before they ever get started because they're missing a long-term coaching business success model. With proven coaching models, success systems and aligned personal support you have a recipe to make sure you live and coach brilliantly! We created our program for people like you who wish to receive a high-value coach education, get connected, get beyond the limitations of beginning a successful coaching businesses.

We won't keep you in training longer than necessary. Symbiosis Coaching provides a complete, easily mastered system that successfully walks you through every important step from preparing for and performing the coaching session itself, to selling your coaching services to prospective clients. There is no guess work involved. If you can follow directions, you can't go wrong! Our exclusive system will have you practicing and perfecting your coaching skills in just a few short weeks while you continue your learning experience.


Enrolling in a high quality Life Coach training program should not mean paying through your nose for it. Typical Life Coach training programs range anywhere from $2500.00 all the way up to $8000.00! That is a lot of money. Wouldn't you rather spend that money on establishing your business?

At Symbiosis Coaching, we have priced our programs to be affordable for everyone.


We use technology to bring our programs directly to you - through live, completely interactive, instructor-led classes. It doesn't matter where you live. And you never have to struggle through traffic to get to your class - your live class comes to you!

All you need is an internet connection and a set of headphones with a mic.

This is not simply an 'online' class though. You interact with the instructor and with your classmates, you can raise your hand and ask a question, you work on assignments in breakout sessions and you have group discussions - all from the comfort of your home or hotel.

Two Unique Programs

  • Internationally certified Life Coach Training accredited through the ICF and the CCA.
  • Based on the eleven Core Coaching Competencies and Ethical standards set by the International Coach Federation.
  • Comprehensive training curriculum with a convenient, flexible, and proven methodology.
  • A complete turn-key system - from designing a coaching session to selling coaching services to clients worldwide. Just follow the directions and you can't go wrong!
  • FAST-TRACK business planning components included in the training curriculum.
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